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Webcric ICC World Cup Live Streaming Without A Webcam?

Do you know that you can even do the webcric ICC World Cup live streaming without webcam as well? Well if you don’t believe on this fact then you should read out this post for sure.

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Steps To Do Webcric ICC World Cup Live Streaming Without a Webcam:

1.      For the webcric ICC World Cup live streaming without webcam be sure that you have sign up for a popular streaming service, such as or

2.      Now you have to set up the account to private if you wish to only share the stream with a specific audience, such as a business meeting. As if you wish to broadcast to anyone then you can set your stream to public.

3.      Now you have to download the Xsplit that is a free live streaming program, and sign up for an account. It is designed to interface in the company of popular streaming services, such as

4.      Now you have to add up the live streaming channel to XSplit. You can find the channel menu by navigating to the Broadcast menu and selecting Edit Channels. Now click the Add button.

5.      You should enter your live stream information. In the case of most of the information will populate automatically after you enter your username and password.

6.      Now you have to visit the View menu at the top and select the Resolution item.

7.      Now just click the Edit Resolutions menu item to configure what resolutions you want to appear on the menu.

8.      In the next step just select the Broadcast drop down menu. Your streaming service should appear in the list.

9.      Now click on the streaming service you wish to use from the list. After a few seconds the XSplit’s title bar should turn red and start displaying statistics of your stream.

10.  In the last step you should double check previous sections of this article if something is not working. You may need to try removing and re-populating the screen region or channel information is necessary.

Now we would suggest all the readers that they should try webcric ICC World Cup live streaming without webcam and you will simply going to love it out!