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Khantv Live Cricket Live Streaming Live Servers To A Website – Its Main Steps

Have you been looking for the simple method to learn that how you can stream Khantv live cricket streaming live servers to a website? Well if yes then by scrolling down you will be getting the simple and easy to follow method for catching the fun of live streaming.

Steps to Stream Khantv Live Cricket Live Streaming Live Servers to a Website:

1.      Beginning with you have to attach the media-recording device that will capture your video content to your computer. Your computer should have 1 GB of free RAM memory and a processor speed of at least 2.4 GHz and a video card.

2.      Now you have to install the broadcast software on the computer that will capture and encode your video content. QuickTime Broadcaster has several preset configurations that will make your setup quick and easy.

3.      You have to just broadcast the content by using another computer in the company of streaming software installed as your server.

4.      In the next you have to make the choice of the network deliver option to stream your media. QuickTime broadcast can serve the session in the company of a multicast network. You can think about to turn on your relaying settings to increase the reach of your stream.

5.      Be sure that you follow up the encoding software wizard to initiate a Session Description Protocol and begin a streaming connection to your server. To connect the computers you have to enter the server port number and IP address. QuickTime Broadcaster preset settings will suffice in support of most broadcast needs.

6.      In the end the viewers have to click on a link in your website to receive your broadcast and you are streaming live video.

Isn’t the method simple to follow up? Well if yes then stop thinking and grab this method now!