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. Live Scorecard Live Streaming Gives Exclusive Details About IPL

It is this Live Scorecard Live Streaming that tells us all about the prize money details and sponsorship details about IPL; it is this site that tells us that who is sponsoring the IPL, what is the current prize money of IPL. From this site, we get this information that in the season 7 of this Indian Premier League, they offer a prize money 40 crore (US$6.3 million) and also the winning team of IPL got a prize money of15 crore US$2.4 million. Champions got the prize money of 200 million, Runner-up got the prize money of 100 million and Third place got the prize money of 75 million and Fourth place got the prize money of 75 million

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This site of Live Scorecard Live Streaming tells us that DLF Group was the title sponsor of this tournament for 5 years starting from 2008 till 2012, later on that American Beverage Company which is the PepsiCo, for five years took over the sponsorship for this IPL. It was expected from the IPL to bring an income of US$1.6 billion and all these revenues and profitswill be then directed to a central pool, 40% will be givn to the IPL itself and 54% will be given to the franchises and 6% will be given as prize money. Other sponsorships that have been included in this IPL are Hero Honda and also PepsiCo and also with Kingfisher. India’s Sony Entertainment Televisio network and also Singapore-based World Sport Group got global broadcasting rights for this Indian Premier League at a cost of total US$1.026 billion.

It is this Live Scorecard Live Streaming that gives us A to Z information and details about the IPL. Why you want to have this site because it is a fact that you want to know about the complete history of IPL, have this site and be the first person to know the completehistory and also the sponsorship details and prize money details of IPL. It is time to know the full fledge history of IPL.