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Khan TV Live Scorecard By Using PowerPoint

Do you want to know how you can easily create the Khan TV live scorecard by making the use of the Powerpoint? Well if not then this post will going to help you a lot in getting the best information about it!

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Khantv Live Cricket Server 1

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Steps To Create Khan TV Live Scorecard By Using PowerPoint:

1.      Just click the “Blank Presentation” button. If you require a different layout for the scoreboard then just click the “Design” tab and then click the “Slide Size” button on the ribbon. Choose either the Standard 4:3 dimensions or “Custom Size” and enter your preferred width and height.

2.      Now hold the “Shift” key and click once on top of the two placeholder text boxes in support of the title and subtitle on top of the slide. Just press the “Delete” key to remove them as by far getting them out of the way of your design work.

3.      Just click the “Insert” tab and then click the “Pictures” button. You have to browse to where you have an image in support of the scoreboard such as a team’s logo. Just double-click the file so that you can add it to the scoreboard and then drag it into place. You can also click the “Online Pictures” button and browse clip art to add.

4.      Simply click the “Shapes” button on the Insert tab’s ribbon. Now click the “Shape Fill” button on the ribbon and change the color of the rectangle to “No Fill.” If desired then you can even change the rectangle’s border to “No Outline.”

5.      Right-click the rectangle and choose “Copy”.

6.      In the end you have to click the “Format Background” button on the ribbon and choose from options such as “Solid fill” for a solid color, “Gradient fill” in support of options such as rainbows and pinstripes, and “Picture fill”.

You have to follow these steps very carefully so that you can create up with the best Khan TV live scorecard! All the best!