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How to Troubleshoot Live Streaming In

Do you want to know that how you can troubleshoot live streaming in Well there are so many people who actually want to know the answer to this question but they do think that this method is quite a lot complicated and intricate. But that’s not true at all! ‘

Steps to Troubleshoot Live Streaming In

1.      In the very first step you have to unplug the power cable from the DSL or cable modem, and allow the modem to rest in support of 15 seconds to cycle its power.

2.      You have to just save and close your open documents, and shut down the computer. Wait on behalf of the computer to completely turn off before powering the computer on.

3.      Now just insert the power cable into the back of the modem and wait for the modem’s power and Internet lights to remain solid. The activity light will flash when the modem is transmitting data to and from the computer.

4.      In the next step you have to relaunch the Internet browser, and visit the live streaming website to test the site’s performance.

5.      Now just click on your PC’s taskbar that is all located in the bottom-right corner of the desktop, and click “Exit” to close out of the program. Now just right-click a blank area of the task bar and click “Open Task Manager.” You have to click the program’s name, and click “X” to close the program.

6.      Just exit out of the Internet Explorer browser and close any open Windows Explorer windows.

7.      You have to click the Windows orb and click “Internet Explorer.” Click “Tools” on the right side of the browser menu, and click “Internet Options.” This will going to take you into the Khantv troubleshooting.

8.      Now in the ending point you have to click”Advanced” and click the checkbox next to “Delete personal settings” and click “Reset.” Click “Reset” to confirm the reset settings for the troubleshooting.

9.      Finally click “Close” after the browser is reset, and click “OK.” Exit out of the browser, and relaunch IE 9 to test the live streaming site.

Do you still think that troubleshooting is complicated? Well if not then don’t forget to try the Khantv live streaming troubleshooting method in the form of tutorial given below!