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How To Set Up Live Cricket Streaming Podcast for HD

Are you ready to know the method that how you can set up live cricket streaming podcast for HD? If yes then move the mouse click down!

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Method To Set Up Live Cricket Streaming Podcast for HD:

1.      In the first step you should connect the HD-capable webcam or camera to your computer. You should connect your microphone if you intend to use one.

2.      Now you have to navigate the video-streaming podcast platform that supports HD, such as Livestream. If using Livestream then you have to register and open an account and create a channel for your live streaming broadcast. Livestream requires no kind of any downloads. If using a downloaded live streaming platform then you will be presented with an installation wizard.

3.      Now in the next step you have to set the audio options in your video-streaming software. Live-streaming platforms have an options menu as after it you have to click “Options” on the interface followed by the tab for audio settings on the drop-down menu. Just select your audio input device and configure recording parameters as needed. Audio options include recording in 8-bit or 16-bit format, in stereo or mono, and choosing from wavelengths ranging from 11.025 kHz to 44.1 kHz.

4.      In the further step you have to set the video recording options in your program’s video options menu. Now just click “Options” as it is followed by the button for video settings. You have to select your HD video-input device from the drop-down menu and the video compressor you will use. You can also adjust the frame rate, or the frequency that the video-streaming program records frames.

Follow this whole method carefuly and get closer to set up live cricket streaming podcast for HD!