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Do You Want To Watch Live Cricket Streaming On Your iPhone?

By the way of this method you will be able to learn easily that how you can watch the live cricket streaming on the Iphone in the best way. If you think that live streaming on Iphone is impossible then don’t forget to read out the below mentioned detailed method.

Tutorial To Watch Live Cricket Streaming on Your iPhone:

1.      If you want to check out live cricket streaming on Iphone then click on the App Store icon on the home screen of your iPhone.

2.      Now you have to just select with the “Search” function at the bottom of the screen. Once the “Search” box pops up you have to click in the text box at the top and type in “WatchESPN.”

3.      Now just choose the WatchESPN app from the list of apps that pulls up. When the app description comes up on your phone you have to just click on the “Install” button on top of the top right.

4.      Now you have to carefully enter the iTunes password into the text box and click on “Ok.” Now just wait in support of the application to download onto the home screen of your iPhone.

5.      Now just push up the applicationon the home screen and wait for it to pull up. Once it pulls up then you can search all the way through the available programming from ESPN. Click on a program or game that you want to watch and then wait in support of it to start streaming to your phone. This application will going to works best on Wi-Fi so that you can easily take fun from the live cricket streaming on Iphone.

Here we would like to mention for the readers that this application has not been set for each one of the Iphone. But all the users of Iphone can download it but not each one of them will be able to watch them out. You must have a television or Internet provider from a specific list of providers. If you have one of these providers then you can use the application easily to watch out the live cricket streaming. Try this method now!