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Crictime Live Cricket Streaming By Star Cricket With Procaster

Do you want to know how to stream crictime live cricket streaming by Star Cricket with procaster? Well for some of the people this method is quite a lot comlicated but that’s not true at all. If you are fully aware from the method that how you can stream crictime live cricket streaming by Star Cricket with procaster then this task is not at all intricate for you. Are you ready to learn the streaming method?

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Steps To Stream Crictime Live Cricket Streaming by Star Cricket With Procaster:

1.      Firstly you have to create the account on Livestream’s website. You have to provide a name for your channel and then select the free or premium service and complete the registration process.

2.      Now you should download the Procaster from Livestream’s website. You have to install and start Procaster, and use Procaster to log into your Livestream account.

3.      Moving to the next you have to connect the video camera or game to your computer depending on what you what to broadcast. Just select “Camera,” “Screen” or “Game” as your source to broadcast from your video camera, desktop screen or game.

4.      Now open up the Procaster “Preferences” and click on the “Audio” tab. Now you should choose the source in support of your audio.

5.      Now press the “Go Live” button to start streaming live.

6.      In the last you have to make the use of tools on the “Overlays” and “Full Screen” tabs at the bottom of Procaster to add titles in support of people or locations at the bottom of a video.

Well this was the method with the help of which you can learn to do streaming of crictime live cricket with procaster. Follow the steps carefully!