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Crictime Live Cricket Streaming By PTV Sports To A Website

Live streaming is becoming one of the most wanted services all over the world and almost each single person wants to know that how they can do crictime live cricket streaming on the website. There are many websites that are offering with the live streaming websites but the main question is how it is possible! Do you want to know this secret too?

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Steps To Do Crictime Live Cricket Streaming by PTV Sports to a Website:

1.      In the very beginning you will going to attach the media-recording device that will capture your video content to your computer. It is to be mentioned that be sure that your computer recognizes your webcam or video camera. Your computer should have 1 GB of free RAM memory, a processor speed of at least 2.4 GHz and a video card.

2.      Now in the next just install the broadcast software on the computer that will capture and encode your video content. QuickTime Broadcaster has several preset configurations that will going to help you to make your setup quick and easy. Media Encoder can be used in support of a Windows-based system.

3.      Moving to the next you will going to broadcast the content by using another computer with streaming software installed as your server.

4.      Now you will going to choose the network deliver option to stream your media. QuickTime broadcast can even be helpful to serve the session in the company of a multicast network. You should turn on your relaying settings to increase the reach of your stream.

5.      Carefully follow the encoding software wizard to initiate a Session Description Protocol and then you can begin a streaming connection to your server. To connect the computers just don’t forget to enter the server port number and IP address.

6.      In the end you will be exporting the SDP file to the media directory on your streaming server.

  1. The viewer will click on top of a link in your website to take delivery of your broadcast and you are streaming live video.

Now you should be careful in following the steps mentioned in this method! With the help of this method you will be able to stream the live cricket video on the website in amazing way! Follow the steps now!