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Best Way To Catch Webcric Live Cricket Streaming By Star Sports 1 On A PC

Its time to know the method from the way of which you can catch the webcric live cricket streaming by Star Sports 1 on a PC.

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Step No 1: Just click on the website of “webcric” and then click “Get Started from Your Computer.”

Step No 2: In the next step you have to click “New Account” so that you can create an account. With the help of this account you will be making the live streaming business a lot easy and effortless.

Step No 3: Now just fill in the boxes to set up your account and then click “Submit.” The next page is optional from where you will click “Skip” to continue as this will take you in the world of live streaming.

Step No 4: In the next step you will click “Connect to Facebook” or “Connect to Twitter” if you want your activity posted on top of those sites.

Step No 5: Now just check the window on the left to see what kind of shows you can watch in the company of crictime Live, and their showtimes.

Step No 6: Now just turnto one of the shows on your TV and even from your computer and then read the fun facts that display in sync in the company of the broadcast.

Step No 7: Just click one of the four answers on top of the screen to answer the finer points questions.

Step No 8: Lastly you have to clic “Post” in the Social Stream window so that you can add your own opinions on the subject of the show. In the last just click”Log Out” to end the session!

Just follow these 8 simple steps now and start taking fun from the live cricket streaming on a PC!